Saturday, September 9, 2017

List of Best Weight Loss Foods - Part 8

Slaw Mix

No matter what kind of food you like to eat, slaw mix should always be on your grocery list when you're shopping for the best weight loss foods. Why? It's the easiest way to add bulk, fiber, healthy nutrition, and crunchy flavor to any meal. Top your burgers with it, add it to tacos or build an entire salad around the easy-to-use mix.

There are several kinds of slaw mix to pick from, like the broccoli slaw blends that include carrots. You can also find slaw blends that include only cabbage. Check the produce section of your market to see what is available near you.

Comment:  I like the broccoli slaw blend.  I use it as a slaw but have never thought of trying it on my burgers or taco.  Have a feeling it would be good on both and is one that I will be trying.  It's also good added to cooked rice blends.  I get it just slightly done and mix it in with my rice.  It's especially good with wild rice mixes.

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