Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pace Stuffed Baby Bellas

Foodbuzz's Tastemakers and Pace Picante sent me 2 free jars of Pace's Original Picante Sauce to work up a dish suitable for a Super Bowl party.  I didn't make up one but 3 that I think will tantalize the taste buds of just about anyone who loves mushrooms. 

36 Baby Bellas
1 jar (8 oz.) Pace Picante Sauce
Medium size, pre-cooked shrimp
Wheat Crackers
cracker size cuts of cheddar cheese
Pepper Jack cheese, shredded
salt & pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Gently wipe off your mushrooms.  Carefully, using the tip of a paring knife, cut around the stem without cutting through into the cap of the mushroom.  Pop out the stem and set aside for other dishes.  For those made without crackers, spray a mini muffin pan with non-stick spray.  Place mushrooms, cap side down into each tin.  Fill each cap with Pace Picante Sauce.  Top with shrimp and sprinkle with pepper jack cheese.  For those made with crackers, line a cookie pan with foil, spray with non-stick spray.  Assemble - cracker, cheddar cheese square, mushroom cap, Pace Picante Sauce and pepper jack cheese.  Bake 15-20 minutes. 

I passed these around to some of my Food Testers.  They were a great hit!  I personally like those made with shrimp best but I love shrimp.  Those made with crackers are delicious but are 2-3 biters so you must remember the Pace Picante sauce is inside and can spill out.  But it's worth it!

Pictured - Top left - Crackers with cheddar, Pace Picante and Pepper Jack
                Top Right - No crackers with Pace Picante and Pepper Jack
                Bottom - No crackers wit Pace Picante, Shrimp and Pepper Jack


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cheezy Salmon Patties

2 cans (5 oz. each) boneless, skinless salmon, drained
1 egg
1/4 cup instant mash potatoes
3/4 cup shredded pepper jack cheese
Panko bread crumbs
oil for cooking

In a bowl mix salmon, egg, instant potatoes and cheese.  Cover and let sit for about 30 minutes.  Shape into patties, press into Panko, both sides.  Heat enough oil to lightly cover the bottom of your frying pan.  Cook patties on medium heat for 4 -  5 minutes on each side.  Patties should be golden brown with a crisp outside. Makes 6-8 depending on size.

I love Salmon Patties and am always looking for a new way to make them.  When I came up with this idea I just knew it had to work and boy did it.  The outside is crisp and the inside is moist and tasty. 

Red Bird and Snow

This was too pretty not to share.  I took this after our last snow/ice storm.

Beautiful contrast!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hushpuppy Cornbread

This was one of my Think With Your Taste Bud moments.  I had made a pot of soup and wanted some cornbread to go with it so when I went to get out my cornmeal I spotted a bag of Hushpuppy Mix.  I thought "why not?"  I looked at the directions and it required that you add water only.  Well, I decided to give it a try but to use buttermilk instead of water.  I mixed 2 cups of the Hushpuppy Mix with enough buttermilk that would make it smooth and creamy.  I sat that aside, put a little cooking oil in my cast iron frying pan and let it heat up while my oven heated to 400 degrees.  When the pan was ready I added enough water to make the mix the consistency of cake batter and poured it into the hot skillet.  All that was left was to bake until golden brown and EAT!  The onion and garlic flavors in the Hushpuppy Mix gave the cornbread a wonderful flavor.  I think I could have eaten the whole pan.