Friday, November 20, 2015

Many Uses of Rubbing Alcohol Part 4

6. Sneaker deodorizer
If your running shoes smell funky, this can work to take away the smell, but the smelly areas needs to be saturated, says Cobb. Take rubbing alcohol, put some in a spray bottle and spray inside the shoes. Let dry overnight, and the odor should be gone.

7. Tick remover
This is a popular tip from around the web, which works sometimes, but not always, says Cobb. "The idea is to stun the tick with the rubbing alcohol so it lets go and is easy to remove," says Cobb. There's no harm in trying. If you've got a tick, put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and gently rub it on the area with the tick. Then use tweezers, as usual, to remove.

8. Remove garlic smell from hands

If you can't get the smell off your hands, pour rubbing alcohol onto hands and work in really well, then wash hands as usual with soap and water.
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