Monday, March 21, 2011

Martha's Kitchen Korner

Some of you may have noticed that I've been making a few changes to Martha's Kitchen Korner...the real kitchen korner.  Most of you remember the blue kitchen that I've used forever, well a few weeks ago I received a message from a lady that tells me he picture is one of her retro kitchen pictures and in no uncertain terms suggested that I remove it quickly form my site.  After much pondering a friend suggested I make a picture of my own kitchen.  So I took a picture and replaced it with the blue kitchen.  The more I looked at my kitchen picture the more I wanted to make some changes, thus creating my Martha's Kitchen Korner project. 

One thing I decided when starting this "little" endeavor was that I would take it slow and just do a little each week.  I started by wall papering the walls, one side each week.  Then came the cabinets, one section each week.  So, above you will see the new Martha's Kitchen Korner.  It's bright making it fun to work in.

Now, I did discover 2 things that I didn't know before.  One was in the drawer that held my steak knives and other miscellaneous knives.  There are dividers in the drawer which holds the knives in one section.  When I emptied the drawer I noticed the back of my drawer looked like something had been chewing on the wood.  Turns out that every time the drawer was opened some of the knives would slide into the back of the drawer, tips 1st causing them to stick the wood.  Over time they actually chipped out little pieces of wood.  I solved this by applying a piece of foam to the back of the drawer. 

My second discovery was the use of wax paper.  When I paint cabinet doors I've always placed them on newspaper, painted one side, allowed it to dry and then turned over for the other side.  It never failed that some of the paper would stick to the doors.  I decided to try laying the doors on parchment paper.  That worked ok but there were times when the paint would dry on the paper and attach itself to the fresh paint when turned over.  Then I tried wax paper.  It takes a little more but it works perfect and you can use the sheets over and over. 

So, next time you decide to paint your kitchen, remember my 2 discoveries.
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