Thursday, June 26, 2014

Taste Wine Like a Pro

I found this information in a copy of Food and Wine and thought I just had to share it with my readers.  I've seen people on TV swirling and sniffing their wine before being served but never really knew exactly what this told them.  Now I do, I think.

According to the article - wine tasting has its own code of conduct.  Here's what you need to know about all that swirling, swishing and spitting.

Swirl & Sniff - unleash aromas by exercising your wrist:  Set the glass on a table and with your hand on the base, give it a couple of gentle whirls.  Put your nose in the glass and take a big sniff. 

Slurp Like You Mean It - don't be afraid to make noise;  Slurping sucks air into your mouth, so aromas and flavors become more detectable. 

Spit Wine Like a Champ - Practice in the shower.  Spitting is how pros taste dozens of bottles without keeling over.  Use water to boost your skills without ruining your shirts.  Try to be a laser, not a sprayer or dribbler.

75% of what you taste is based on your sense of smell - OK

Be a Wine Super-Sleuth - While tasting a wine, ask yourself these questions:

Acidity - does the wine make you pucker?  If yes, it's high in acid.

Alcohol - does the wine warm up your mouth?  It may be high in alcohol.

Body - does the wine linger on your tongue?  If so, it's full bodied.

Tannins - does the wine dry out your mouth?  It's probably high in tannins.

Aromas & Flavor -0 does the wines smell or taste remind you of a food, a flower or anything else?  Free - associate.

Now we all know what to expect when we swirl, swish and spit our wine.

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