Saturday, June 14, 2014

Roast Beef and Cheese

Yesterday I made a roast called Buttery Sriracha Pot Roast.  It was delicious but I did have some left over so what do I do with it?  Well, I love roast beef and cheese sandwiches with sauted onions.  My friend loves this too but he is having a problem with a couple of his teeth making it hard for him to chew sliced meat, no matter how tender.  So, I solved this problem simply by putting the leftover, along with the onions and juice, into my processor.  I pulsed just enough to chop but not ground.  Then I mixed in shredded cheese and as Emerald says "BAM."  I have roast beef and cheese with onions that can be eaten even if you do have a tooth problem.  

Add as much or as little cheese as you like or don't add cheese at all until.  Saute some bell peppers, drizzle with a little steak sauce or even BBQ sauce.  No matter how you like your sandwich, the beef is ready for anything you might like to add.

Another good thing about this is that it can be frozen for later use.  This was a great idea that I'll continue to use even after my friend gets his teeth fixed.

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