Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eating Out - Italian

Healthy Eating - Italian

Steer away from white Italian bread and cheese-laden, creamy and excessively oily dishes; and instead, go for the pasta, tomato sauces, vegetables and beans.  Many Italian restaurants offer pasta dishes in half portions.  Try combining a half portion of pasta with a soup and salad for a filling and satisfying meal.  Also, try these:

1.  Vegetable or bean-based soups like minestrone and pasta fagioli
2.  Steamed clams or mussels
3.  Pasta with tomato-based sauces (like marinara, puttanesca, and arrobbiata); pasta with tomato-seafood sauces like red clam sauce.
4.  Broiled or grilled chicken and fish dishes.
5.  Chicken cacciatore; chicken or veal piccata and marsala (request a minimum of oil or butter be used).
6.  Seafood stews like cioppino
7.  Thin-crust pizza with lots of vegetable toppings and part-skim mozzarella cheese
8.  Poached fruits; cappuccino made with low-fat milk.

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