Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How To Be A Hit On Live Radio

A year ago I was invited to do a phone-in talk radio show where I would talk about my cookbook, why I wrote it and what makes it different from all other cookbooks.  When asked, I hesitated.  It made me nervous to even think about talking to thousands of people at one time.  I thought about things like, how would I sound over the radio.  I'm from the south so will my accent be too much?  Will I hesitate to come up with an answer to any question asked of me?  These questions and many more very quickly ran through my mind and then I said yes.  As the time got closer, all of these questions plus their brothers and sisters came back to haunt me.  By the time of the interview I was a wreck!  That is when I wish I had someone like my beautiful friend Dr. Mary Kennedy in my corner.  Mary is not only a doctor but she is also a writer.  And now she has gone a step further and created a site that will help all of us when faced with doing something we aren't comfortable with...like a radio interview. 

I'm not going to tell you all of the tips Mary has put together to make this experience flow smoothly I'm going to do something even better.  I'm giving you her site address so you can read this, plus more for yourself.  Check out Mary's article How To Be A Hit On Live Radio by going to her BlogHer site.  As I said, I wish I had talked to her before my interview.

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mary kennedy said...

Hi Martha, thank you so much for posting this!! You would be terrific on the radio--you are warm, witty and have a sparkling personality. And I think a southern accent is a plus--just think of Paula Deen, it's worked for her! Thanks so much for mentioning me and giving a link to my BlogHer article. You're the best!