Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birds Eye Chef's Favorites

I love creamed spinach but I want "lots" of flavor.  There is one restaurant that when I have the opportunity to go to I always order their creamed spinach.  It's my favorite!  But, since this specific restaurant is a bit pricy I don't go there often.  So, I seldom have the pleasure of eating really good creamed spinach.  That is until now!

Through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program along with Birds Eye Chef's Favorites, I was offered the opportunity to sample and post on several of Birds Eye's newest products.  The Tastemaker program is a program where there is no compensation passed on to the tester, that is unless you call being able to sample some really wonderful new products compensation.  And I'm always open to new products.

When I received my package of Birds Eye Chef's Favorites I slowly went though the package picking out which one I wanted to try first.  As soon as I spotted the Creamed Spinach I couldn't wait to give it a try.  But I also knew that I had tried other frozen Creamed Spinach and they simply didn't meet my taste qualifications so I didn't really get my hopes up.  Wrong!

Let me 1st say that the sauce is creamy, smooth, made with half and half and parmesan cheese.  As for's perfect.  The amount of garlic added to the sauce couldn't have been better.  Not too much but definitely not too little.  This is a product that I WILL be buying.

I served my Creamed Spinach with Chicken Delicious and rolls making the perfect, simple, easy but delicious dinner.

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