Thursday, April 21, 2016

Indoor House Plants That Won't Die On You - #2 Aloe


Why you want it: This succulent with long pointed leaves has medicinal properties you probably well know from product labels. It can grow three feet high for big impact indoors. Smaller varieties like the popular aloe vera, work great in small, sunny indoor spaces.

How to care for it: Aloe likes room temperatures around 70 degrees and a lot of sunlight. As you might expect for a succulent, this indoor house plant prefers dry soil, so avoid frequent watering for the best result

Comment:  When I was younger (much younger) I decided I wanted to learn to ride a motor cycle so I got a Honda and started trying to ride around the neighborhood.  I finally got the hang of it until I stopped in front of my yard, went to 'park' the bike and turned it on its side.  That hot exhaust pipe hit my leg and burned it bad.  I went inside, broke off a piece of my Aloe plant and applied it to the burn.  The burn never blistered like most do.  It seemed to skip that part and went straight to the next step of healing - the crusting/scab.  It also healed in about half the time normal burns do.  So I believe in having this wonderful plant around.
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