Tuesday, August 1, 2017


These are True or False - See how many you can get right.

1. Vanilla is a spice T or F   (I say T)
2. Ground spices have a longer shelf life than whole spices T or F   (I say F)
3. Nutmeg and mace come from he same tree T or F   (I say T, think I read that somewhere)
4. Star anise is a fruit T or F  (I say T, because it looks like it might be a tiny dried fruit)
5. Spices most often come from a plant's leaves T or F  (I think F, I think most come from seeds)
6. Allspice is a blend of cinnamon, cloves and black pepper T or F  (I say F, don't know why)
7. Anise seeds are the same as fennel seeds T or F  (I'm having to take a guess on this and say T)

Answers to SPICE #16 - C - You can use the entire seed; it will stay potent for about 2 years.  Finally I got one right!

Check back tomorrow for the answers to this final SPICE Quiz (#17)

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