Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Red Wines of Italy

Join me as I learn a little about wines.  This list of Italian wines are widely distributed in America.

Barolo:  A dry, ruby-red, full-bodied wine with a smooth, velvety taste.  It is produced in Piedmont.

Barbera:  A delicate dry or semi-sweet wine whose bouquet improves with age.  Also produced in Piedmont.

Bardolino:  A clear, light, ruddy wine, with a pleasingly dry taste.  It should be drank while still young.  Made in Venetia.

Valpolicella:  An excellent, deep ruby-colored wine with a delicate bouquet and mellow taste.  Wonderful with any kind of meat dish.  A Venetian wine.

Chianti:  Probably the best known of Italian reds, this Tuscan wine has a slightly prickly taste when young which disappears as the wine ages.

Brolio:  Very much like Chianti, it is grown in the same neighborhood in Tuscany.  Like chianti, also, it improves with age.

Ciro di Cababria:  A deep, ruby-red wine which should be allowed to mature to develope its full flavor.

Faro:  A Sicilian wine of a bright ruby color with an excellent bouquet and flavor.
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