Thursday, August 15, 2013

Italian Dessert Wines

(Part 3 of my Wine Education)

Flore della Alpi:  A sweet, potent liqueur made with cinnamon sticks and rock sugar.  A product of Piedmont.

Vin Santo:  Golden-yellow, sweet, smooth wine of Tuscany.

Aleatico di Puglia:  A red Apulian liqueur wine with a strong aroma, full taste, and pleasant, sweet flavor.

Moscato di Salento:  Another Apulian dessert wine with a warm, generous, subtle bouquet.

Greco di Gerace:  A delicate, smooth, golden-yellow dessert wine from Calabria, whose bouquet will remind you of orange blossoms.  This choice wine is produced in limited quantities.

Marsala:  The best known of Italian dessert wines.  Produced in Sicily in two types, dry and sweet.  It is a limpid, brilliant wine with a fine full flavor.  Excellent for cooking as well as for drinking.
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