Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Well Equipped Kitchen

I find myself overstocking my kitchen with equipment yet I'm usually under-stocked too.  I sometimes find that I have at least 2 of many items but 0 of some.  This list is one of the best I've seen to follow to equip a kitchen, including mine.  Please feel free to add your own must have items to the list in the comment section.

Assorted utensils;   kitchen scissors (a must have), pizza cutter, rubber spatulas, vegetable peelers, wire whisk, wooden spoons.
Broiler pan with rack (I've found the rack to be one of the most useful pans in my kitchen.)
Colander (This is one that I feel you need 2 of.  A large one that stands alone and a smaller one with a handle for smaller items.)
Dutch oven
Food processor/mini-chopper (I believe in having both.  A smaller one is great for small items such as onions, nuts, etc.)
Hand mixer (If you plan to do a lot of baking I would suggest a table mixer which can be used as a hand mixer too.)
Instant-read meat thermometer (A candy thermometer is good to have too.)
Jellyroll pan
Knives - good quality chef's paring and slicing knives
Measuring cups - dry and liquid
Measuring spoons
Mixing bowls - assorted sizes
Baking pans, saucepans and skillets
8" cast iron skillet and a 10" ovenproof skillet
Steam basket or steamer
Wire grilling basket
Wok or stir-fry pan
Grater (I like to have a large box grater and a smaller hand grater)

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