Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Italian White Wines

(Part 2 in my Wine Education)

Valtellina:  A light, straw-colored wine with a fresh taste.  Made in Lombardy.

Terlano:  A choice white wine form Upper Audige, beautifully translucent, with an elegant bouquet.

Soave: A soft, velvety, dry wine made from grapes grown near Vorona.

Orvieto:  The best-known, and one of the choicest, of Italian white wines.  There are two types, one dry and the other fruity.  Both varieties have an attractive light-yellow color and an exquisitely delicate bouquet.  From Umbria.

Frascati:  A limpid, golden-yellow wine with a mellow flavor.  It is also made in two types, dry and fruity.  A wine of historic Latium.

Est-est-est Montefiascone:  A golden wine produced near the Lake of Bolsena.  Made in two types, dry and sweet. One of the most famous wines of Italy.

Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio:  A straw-colored wine - sweet, velvety, and aromatic.  The grapes are grown in vineyards on the southern slopes of Mount Vesuvius.

Sansevero:  A fine, clear, delicate wine, excellent with fish.  One of the best wines of the Apulian district.

Vernaccia del Campidano:  A dry, amber-colored wine with a bouquet reminiscent of almond blossoms, and pleasingly bitter.  A wine of Sardinia.
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