Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ground Beef Dirty Rice with Shrimp

I had found a Dirty Brown Rice with Shrimp recipe that I wanted to try but when I went to cook my rice I discovered I didn't have enough brown rice to complete the dish.  That's when I spotted the Vigo Saffron Yellow Rice.  The original recipe called for onions and bell pepper but when I read the ingredients on the Vigo package I discovered they were already included.  As I did what I tell everyone else to do 'Think With Your Taste Buds' I decided my version of the original recipe would work perfectly.  Well it was almost perfect.  When I tasted my dish I noticed a flavor that was missing.  Since it's made with ground beef instead of sausage I knew exactly what that ingredient was - SAGE!  After adding that last ingredient I had a really delicious Dirty Rice with Shrimp.  One of my food testers was sure I had slipped sausage in instead of ground beef because he could taste the sage.  The only thing he suggested was to add more red pepper flakes to heat it up a bit more.  For me it was perfect.  Find my recipe by going to Martha's Recipe Cabinet.
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