Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Healthy Foods That Can Kill You Part 5

Most everyone admits that they don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, but before you start trying to increase your daily intake, there are a few things you should know—especially if you like to grow-your-own food or if you're a start-from-scratch cook. Some of the healthiest vegetables have relatives that could kill you.

Raw Cassava
One of the most consumed carbohydrates in the world, cassava, contains naturally occurring cyanogenic glycosides.  Also known as yucca, this starchy tuber must always be dried, soaked, and cooked properly.  In
Africa, improperly processed cassava is a major problem and is associated with a number health disorders, particularly among people who are already malnourished.  The toxin is primarily found in the leaves which protects it from being eaten by insects or animals, but the roots still contain a significant amount of natural poison and long-term exposure to this raw food can lead to deadly consequences.  The proper processing of cassava includes drying, soaking in water, rinsing or cooking very soon after it is harvested.

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