Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chocolate Chip Puddin

I better hope my daughters don't read this post.  I always make Banana Puddin for the holidays but this year I didn't.  I want one of my daughters to learn and had hoped they would attempt to continue this tradition.  They didn't and therefore were a bit upset because there was no Banana Puddin for Christmas Dinner.  I've told them that they will have to make it from now on.  Well, a friend requested some so I made a big bowl today.  I normally have the perfect amount of pudding and none leftover but for some reason I made too much this time.  What to do with it?  I got creative and came up with a Chocolate Chip Puddin.  This is so easy to make.  It can be worked up in individual dishes for a really attractive dessert or made in a large bowl.  I personally like the individual dish best.

To make - Place vanilla wafers in the bottom of your dish.  Sprinkle with a few chocolate chips, add another layer of wafers, then another layer of chocolate chips.  Continue until your dish is full.  Make your own vanilla pudding or use a package of cook and serve made using the directions on the package.  While still piping hot, spoon over your wafer/chocolate dish.  Top with a couple of wafers and a sprinkle of chips.  Let cook and enjoy.

My 2 food testers that were treated to this dish both loved it.  One said it almost tasted like a chocolate bread pudding.  This is a dish that you can change to fit your own taste.  You can use different flavors of chips - butterscotch would be good.  You can use chocolate pudding and white chocolate chips or maybe peanut butter chips.  You can sprinkle in a few nuts and/or add a scoop of whipping and a cherry for added flavor and appeal.  Again - Think With Your Taste Buds!
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