Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Book and A Dish - Finally Complete!

Finally after months of working and working and pulling my hair out, I've finally have A Book and A Dish up and running on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.  For those of you who know nothing about A Book and A Dish I'll tell you what it's all about. 

A Book and A Dish started out as a blog site.  I love to read so about 2 years ago I started reading and writing reviews.  Then I came up with an idea.  What if I had the authors send a recipe to go with my review of their book.  That's when I came up with the name A Book (the review) and A Dish (the recipe).  The sight has been very successful but I really felt that something needed to be done with all of those reviews and recipes.  Since I don't like to do things the traditional way I came up with another idea.  Instead of just a cookbook, how about a cookbook that included the reviews too.  I talked to some of the authors and they all seemed to like the idea so a book started taking form.

Now, what to do with the proceeds that I hope to start coming in soon.  I couldn't see making money off someone else book and recipe so why not donate.  That's when I remembered an author that I've done several reviews for who has a group of rescue dogs that he refers to as Tilly's Pack.  Author Brian L. Porter is the sole supporter for Tilly's Pack which consists of about 16 furry little friends.  Not only does Brian feed these four legged babies but he also keeps them up with trips to the vet and any medical needs that come along.  He became the perfect candidate for A Book and A Dish Vol. I. 

So, check out A Book and A Dish either through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Not only will it help you find the perfect book to read but it will also provide you with your next dish to cook while helping out a group of rescue babies.  And did I tell you that the cost is only $.99.  Now that's a deal!

I now want to say thank you to 2 people who I couldn't have accomplished this without.  Author Mary Deal has spent hours helping me work up the reviews, recipes and book pictures into a form that could be formatted for both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  She has been a jewel.  Author Douglas Dorow was the one who really stepped in and made this venture finally come to life.  He formatted for both sites and took me through all the steps.  I'm computer blonde and Doug was the one who helped save what little hair I had left.  So, all thanks go out to both of these wonderful people.
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