Saturday, November 26, 2011

Newman's Own Pizza

Again, through Foodbuzz and Tastemakers I received a coupon to buy and try one of the Newman's Own Pizzas.  I buy Newman's pasta/spaghetti sauces and know how great they are so I had high expectations for their pizza.  There are 8 different flavors to choose from and all looked good but I decided to give the Supreme a try, giving me a taste of several flavors combined.  The Supreme is topped with Italian Sausage, Uncured Pepperoni, peppers and onions, which are all favorites of mine.  I had never heard of Uncured Pepperoni so was unsure of how that might taste.  After reading the package I found that Uncured Pepperoni has no added nitrate.  When I opened the package I was a bit unsure as to how this thin crusted pizza was going to taste.  It had maybe 10 pieces of pepperoni, I could see a few pieces of Italian sausage and several scattered pieces of peppers.  I really couldn't see how so few toppings could possibly create a tasty pizza.  Well, what do I have to loose?  I had already preheated my oven so about 12 minutes later I was ready to slice and eat.  All I can say is OH MY!  I don't know how they did it but this pizza had one of the best blends of taste that I've ever eaten.  I could taste the pepperoni, sausage and the sweetness of the peppers.  It was actually better than delivery pizza!  Each bite had its own taste.  It was like eating bites of several different pizzas. Now I want to try the White sauce pizza, and the Roasted Veggie, and the Roasted Garlic & Chicken.  Actually I want to try all of them! 

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