Saturday, March 24, 2018

Snacks to Eat Before Bed - Part 2

Nonfat Greek Yogurt

The plain kind is my top pick to stave off late-night hunger. It's loaded with protein and low in calories Avoid the flavored kinds, which are usually higher in calories and chockfull of sugar.

If it's too tart on its own, stir in some natural no-calorie sweetener and vanilla extract. Stock up on the pre-portioned containers, because they make a great anytime snack. You can also toss it with fruit and nuts for a healthy no-cook breakfast. 

Comment:  It took me a while to get to the point that I would eat ‘plain’ yogurt.  I’ve always been used to those sweet ones that are so good.  So, I would buy both and mix them decreasing the sweet and increasing the plain until I was eating just the plain.  I did toss in a little granola as I went alone and now I can eat the plain with just a little granola and/or a few strawberries or pineapple.  So good once you get use to it.

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