Sunday, March 20, 2016

Refrigerate or Not - Part 6 (End)

26. Nuts: Nuts are just fine stored in a cool, dark spot.

27. Dried fruits: No need to refrigerate. Nope.

28. Cereal: Cereal is wonderfully happy in the pantry.

29. Vacuum-packed tuna: You might not be sure, but that tuna has been sealed, just like in a can, so it’s more than fine stored at room temperature.

30. Herbs: If you pick up fresh herbs from the grocery store, instead of stuffing them back in the suffocating plastic bag, place them in a water-filled glass jar on your kitchen counter, creating an herb bouquet to use while cooking.

31. Real maple syrup: As with honey, that maple syrup will crystallize and get goopy if stored in the fridge.
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