Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Indoor Grill Tips

I know you don't end up with the same flavor as you would if you used an outdoor grill but the indoor grills are still great, and healthy too.  I enjoy mine and when I ran across these tips I decided I would share.  And they come from the expert too... George Foreman!

Tip #1 - Food Comes First - Whether you're stocking the fridge for the weekend, or shopping at the supermarket on the way home from work to pick up things for the evening supper, train to win by developing a food-shopping strategy.  The great thing about indoor grilling is that it helps you get dinner on the table with only a few simple ingredients, so plan ahead to have those ingredients on hand and come out swinging when the dinner bell rings.

Tip #2 - Boneless is Best - A bone-in piece of meat takes longer on the grill, since the meat closest to the bone takes longer than the rest of the meat.  Not only does boneless cook faster, it cooks evenly and is juicy throughout.

Tip #3 - Thin is Better Than Thick - And not just when it comes to waistlines.  When buying meat or fish for the grill, leave the double-cut pork chops or thick slab of tuna for the outdoor grill.  For meat that's juicy on the inside and crisp but not too crisp on the outside, use the cuts recommended in the recipes.

Tip #4 - Add Flavor First - Don't leave seasoning to be done at the table - take a lesson from championship chefs and make it a round-one event.  Marinate, rub with spices, or simple season with salt and pepper, but do it before the food hits the grill for the best cooked-in flavor.

Tip #5 - Keep it Neat - Set out your ingredients ahead of time, next to the grill.  Use a tray to park things until needed and then keep a platter on the other side of the grill for the finished food.  A mini assembly line keeps things moving fast and easy.

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