Sunday, May 18, 2014

Recommended Power Foods - Part 5 - Grains

Recommended Power Foods - Part 5 - Grains #1 and #2
(Information from The Power of Food - Bonnie Raffel R. D., Author)

Choose grains in the least processed form and include daily in the diet.  Listed below are different forms of grains that contain fiber rich bran and germ.  These grains assist in balancing the blood sugars, benefit the immune system, and provide a sense of fullness.

#1  - Rye and Rye Flour - These breads contain more protein, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and B vitamins than wheat.  Rye provides a large amount of fiber, which is good for the intestinal tract and aides in balancing blood sugar levels.  Rye flour is available in light, medium, or dark varieties.  The darker the flour indicates the level of bran incorporated into the flour.  Add rye bread to your lifestyle by substituting rye for wheat in sandwiches.  Combine rye and wheat flour in pancakes and other breakfast foods, or make a porridge using rolled rye flakes.

#2 - Barley and Barley Flour - Barley is sold in many forms, but hulled barley is richer in fiber and contains more nutrients than Pearl or Scotch barley.  This grain is very high in both soluble and insoluble fiber.  The fiber found in barley provides food for the "good" bacteria in the large intestine and can assist in greater health and disease resistance.  Flour ground from whole barley is more nutritious than flour ground from pearled barley because the bran is left intact.  Whole barley flour provides soluble fiber which aides in decreasing cholesterol in the blood.  Enhance your diet by adding barley to your soups, combine barley and wheat flour to make bread products, or use barley flakes as a hot cereal.

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