Monday, May 12, 2014

Recommended Power Foods - Part 1 - Fish and Shellfish

I've decided to do a series of info from a book titled The Power of Food by Bonnie Raffel R.D.  This book has to be one of the best cookbooks I've ever found and the information it includes makes it one of the most informative 'food' books I've ever found.  This series will be posted over several weeks.  I'm doing this because I feel that smaller posts are more likely to be read as well as remembered.  So here goes with Part 1.

Recommended Power Foods - Part 1 - Fish and Shellfish
(Information from The Power of Food - Bonnie Raffel R.D., Author)

Fish and Shellfish - Salmon is a powerful anti inflammatory food and is an excellent source of omega3 essential fatty acids.  Salmon is the heart healthiest high protein food of all.  Try to select Wild Alaskan salmon which contains a healthier fat profile over farmed salmon whenever possible.  Other good food (fish) sources of omega3 are; halibut, shrimp, cod, snapper, scallops, whitefish, striped bass, oysters, rainbow trout, and tuna.  Shrimp also contains the antioxidant selenium, which helps support a healthy immune system.  Also, just 2 servings a week of fish, will increase your body's blood level for omega3 fatty acids.  The use of fish oil or an omega3 in a soft shell form, may be used.  It is also advisable to choose a supplement with vitamin E.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant and when added to the oil, prevents the fatty acids form becoming rancid.  Store this product in the refrigerator or freezer.

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