Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tilly's Tale Rescue Shelter's Newest Member

This is Chudleigh (right).  He is a 10 week old Staffie that has been rescued and is now living with Tilly and the Pack at her rescue shelter.  Chudleigh is living up to his name as he cuddles with Bobby.

I wanted you to meet Chudleigh and to also tell everyone that I've sold 65 copies of A Book and A Dish and have sent the profits to Tilly's Tale Rescue Shelter.  It wasn't much but it was enough to pay for a 17 kilogram bag of the food used to feed the dogs. From what I'm told they go through 1 1/2 to two bags per week, so even one bag is a big help.

But we can do better!  When you order your copy of A Book and A Dish you are receiving 45 book reviews (you just might find your next book to read), you're getting 45 recipes (so you have a cookbook) and you're helping the furry babies, all for only .99 cents.  Don't have a Kindle?  Amazon allows you to download Kindle books to your computer and the program to do this is free. 

Now, you have a computer so there is no reason not to help these babies have a loving, healthy life. 

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