Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cajun Pepper for Organic Pest Control


This tip came from Thrifty Fun and receives a thumbs up from me. I'm for anything organic instead of poison. 

I hate any kind of bugs or spiders, even ants. If you can see them, it's so much easier to control. I was looking into smaller units that send out radio frequency that you just plug into outlets. I have known about these since the early 90's. They work really well with rodents and roaches.

In my garage which is not attached to the unit, there isn't an outlet near where the mice would be. With weather changing this year, I was very afraid to even open the cabinet doors! Not only am I terrified of them, they are so dirty leaving behind many germs.

The solution I found was so easy, cheap and works. Cajun pepper sprinkled around doors and next to the wall gets rid of any problem without poison or finding a dead mouse in those traps. The man who told me about this has it sprayed all over his attic. He re-does it one time a year. I'm amazed at ideas I would never have thought of.

They don't eat it and die where you put the pepper, it appears they can't stand being around it at all. Make sure you have things covered that could be ruined from the Cajun pepper. If it's where there is no chance of getting wet, it isn't different than a layer of dust. It can be sprayed over large area or put against walls, doors and openings straight from package.

Source: Organic pest control company employee in San Diego area.
By Luana M. from San Diego, CA in newsletter
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