Friday, March 9, 2012

Blackout Mobile Marketing, Inc - Beware!

I had a few words with AT&T last night.  There was a $9.99 charge on my cell phone charges and it’s been there for 3 months now.  It’s a service called "Blackout Mobile Marketing, Inc.” and I didn’t order it!  When I talked to AT&T cell service the woman got upset because I wanted to cancel my service.  She tried to say they would block all texts so I wouldn’t be charged anymore and that they would give me my service for $29.99 plus tax and service charges per month, coming to about $42.00 per month.  Last month I used 34 cell phone minutes and have over 4,000 roll-over minutes.  With the minutes I used it came to $1.25 per minute.  Not worth it!  She told me they would credit the last 3 months of the $9.99 charge and I still insisted that I wanted to cancel my service.  She then told me they would charge me $75.00 to discontinue because my contract runs until August and they would NOT refund my 3 months of $9.99 charges.  Well, I very ‘nicely’ told her to disconnect my cell phone and I would never use AT&T cell again plus I will be posting on my site about the scam charges that they were collecting knowing they were scams.  I told her that I went to their own site and they are the ones who were telling people that the Blackout Mobile Marketing charge is a scam but they do this AFTER people call to complain.  So, I have cell service with AT&T until the 20th and after that I’m going to Wally World and buy a Track Phone and pay for my minutes using their $30.00 for 300 minutes service.  

Moral of the story - don't do like I do and just pay your bills without inspecting the statement and watch for scams such as this Blackout Mobile Marketing so you won't get stuck like myself and others who have been caught up in this AT&T scam.  

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