Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baking Soda Tips and Uses

1. Washing food
Make a paste of baking soda on a clean sponge, and then wash toxins off the skin of fruits and vegetables. Rinse well before eating.

2. Drain cleaner
Okay, baking soda it isn't as powerful as commercial de-cloggers, but it cost virtually pennies to make and is a great first line of defense. Take a half cup of baking soda, pour down drain followed by half cup of white vinegar. Place a glass bowl over the top of the drain for two hours, then rinse with hot water. This should remove grease and dirt build-up through the pipes.

3. Vacuum odors
Sprinkle baking soda on the floor, then vacuum it up to kill odors in your vacuum.

4. Welcome mats

Speaking of floors, according to Lansky's book, you can ditch and deodorize the dirt at your front door by sprinkling baking soda on welcome mats, then vacuuming up the powder.

5. Soft hands
Make baking soda into a paste and use on hands while washing dishes. It'll help remove tough baked-on food while softening your hands at the same time.

6. Musty books
Do you have some old and musty books that you can't bear to throw out? Sprinkle some baking soda between the pages, and brush it out a few days later for a fresh scent

7. Mothball smell
According to the blog, Green Eco Services, the smell of mothballs on clothing can be removed by adding  baking soda to your washing machine's rinse cycle to eliminate the odor.
8. Oil and grease
Sprinkle soda on the garage or basement floor to soak up oil and grease.

9. Weathered look
If you want a quick way to eliminate mold and mildew while achieving a weathered look for your deck, Green Eco Services recommends you use baking soda. Wash your deck with a solution of two cups baking soda in one gallon water, and use a stiff straw brush to work the solution into the wood, then rinse with cool water for a clean, yet aged patina.

10. Weed killer
Sweeping large amounts of sodium-rich baking soda into the cracks of your paved walks and driveways will eliminate weeds and dandelions.

11. Canvas cleaner
To clean anything canvas, rub on a paste of baking soda, then rub off.

12. Burnt pots
To eliminate seriously burnt-on food, pour in a thick cushion of baking sod=, add an inch or so of water, and put the pot on the stove to boil. After boiling for a minute, try scrubbing again (don't burn yourself). The burned-on mess should come right off.

13. Plastic shower curtains
One of the best tips in Lansky's book alleviates this stubborn problem and puts down on the amount of money spent on shower curtains: Wash mildewed or dirty plastic shower curtains in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with a couple of bath towels, and add in a half cup of baking soda and detergent during the wash cycle. Add in one cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle, then let drip dry.

14. Automatic dishwasher detergent
Make an automatic dish washing detergent using baking soda: Simply mix two tablespoons baking soda and two tablespoons borax, as a alternative to commercial detergent.. If you prefer to use your dish washing detergent, but want a cleaning boost, then just sprinkle a good amount of baking soda over dirty dishes, then wash as usual.

15. Stinky clothes
We know that baking soda deodorizes just about anything, but here's another way to use it for clothing with a deep smoke or gasoline odor. Place the clothing in a plastic bag with baking soda for two days, then wash as usual.
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