Sunday, May 24, 2015

Laundry Myths #7

This was a bit lengthy so I decided to do it in 5 posts.
(I found this on and found it worth sharing.)

7. Myth: You wear your jeans, you wash your jeans.
Reality: CEO and president of Levi Straus and Co., Chip Bergh, announced last year that he rarely washes his jeans. And if that's good enough for the head of a denim company, well, that's good enough for us. "It's time to rethink autopilot behaviors like washing your jeans after every wear because in many cases, it's simply not necessary," Bergh says in a news release announcing that the company's efforts have saved 1 billion liters of water to date. According to Levi's release, U.S. consumers typically wear their jeans twice before washing them. In the United Kingdom and France, they wear them 2.5 times, and in China, it takes a typical four wears before washing. So, Americans, it's time to let your denim get a bit dirty. 
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