Monday, May 18, 2015

Laundry Myths #3 and #4

This was a bit lengthy so I decided to do it in 5 posts.
(I found this on and found it worth sharing.)

3. Myth: When you spill red wine on your white shirt, race to the sink and start rubbing.
Reality: Rubbing isn't going to save that blouse. Instead, grab some salt and toss it on the stain as soon as possible. "The salt will pull the wine up out of the fabric," Kerr says."Other great ways to treat red wine stains are to dab at it with club soda (the sodium in club soda will help to remove the stain) or with white wine. Weird but true!"
4. Myth: Bad stain? Throw it straight in that washing machine.
Reality: "For stubborn soil and stains (like food, grass and blood), pre-treating the stain before washing is the key," says Ooka. Just apply a small amount of detergent directly on the stain and gently rub before washing as usual.

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