Friday, May 22, 2015

Laundry Myths #5 and #6 was a bit lengthy so I decided to do it in 5 posts.
(I found this on and found it worth sharing.)

5. The myth: Yellow pit stains are just gonna happen. And it's the detergent's fault!
The reality: Kerr says one way to prevent the ugly underarm stains is to change your deodorant. "Those stains are caused more by the aluminum in commercial antiperspirants than by the actual sweat," she says. "One way to keep them from happening is to switch to an aluminum-free product. In terms of treating the stains when they happen, OxiClean — or any similarly oxygenated bleach or enzymatic-based stain remover — is great." Pre-soak serious stains in solution before you wash them to maximize effectiveness.
6. Myth: There is no hope for those stinky gym clothes. Deal.
Reality: "Odor-causing microbes, like bacteria or mildew, build up on damp clothes and feed on soils like oil from sweat," Ooka says. To try to tamper the bad smell, air-dry the clothes before packing them away if they can't be washed immediately. Otherwise, an odor-sealing plastic bag can be your best friend.

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