Thursday, October 13, 2011

Team CAN Challenge

Below is an email that I received today from the Foodie Blogroll Team.  I'm asking that each of you read and see what you might be able to do to help out.  You never know when this terrible killer might hit you or someone close to you.  But you must hurry.  Time is running out.

Thank you in advance!  Martha

Hello Martha,
We are writing you today on behalf of Team Continuum who is looking for New York City area influencers to rally behind the Team CAN Challenge, which raises money for people living with cancer.
We'd like to invite you to participate in this promotion to help raise awareness about Team Continuum, a charity non-profit organization dedicated to providing immediate non-medical, assistance to cancer patients and their families where the diagnosis results in disruption, hardship and uncertainty in their everyday lives.
For more information about Team Continuum, visit here:

The Promotion’s Goal

Our friends at Team Continuum are looking to engage the Foodie Blogroll community to create awareness about their charity and their upcoming event "Team CAN Challenge" by driving traffic to the website.

Team CAN Challenge Event

The Team CAN Challenge will be lead by reality TV stars, Sarah Leshner from Amazing Race and Eliza Orlins from Survivor. This family friendly event will take place on October 22 from 10am to 2pm at Central Park. Teams of three will compete in fun outdoor challenges around Central Park designed to test your body, mind and even your musical skills. Registration is $50 per person.

We’d love for you to share this enjoyable exciting event to your readers.

About Our Sponsor

The Mission of Team Continuum is twofold:

"We provide immediate non-medical, assistance to cancer patients and their families where the diagnosis results in disruption, hardship and uncertainty in their everyday lives.

We've bought airline tickets, purchased schoolbooks and laptops for children, paid bills for patients struggling to take care of themselves and their families, and helped in a million small ways.

We also provide funding to health care facilities and foundations, to enhance the delivery of care, communication and educational services for cancer patients.

We've funded patient narrative programs, cooking programs, bought wheelchairs for under-funded hospitals, spruced up waiting rooms...and once even brought a Christmas tree to a hospital."

Your Task

  • Primary Task: Write a post about Team Continuum's "Team CAN Challenge" event - encourage your readers to register at for the event and find find out more about the charity.
  • Secondary Task: Spread the word about your post on Twitter and Facebook
  • Optional: New York based bloggers are also welcome to participate in the "Team CAN Challenge" event with the folks from Team Continuum and write about their experience.  

More details: Assets will be provided to you in case your blog is selected to participate. If selected to participate, you must post ASAP, starting today if possible. Then spread the word about your post as much as possible on social sites, especially Twitter and Facebook in order to generate extra traffic on your post and the Team Continuum website. You will need to use the images/links provided in the assets page (we will provide a link to assets page if your blog is selected to participate).

Do I get paid? How much?

Compensation is set at $15. Payment is on a NET 60 basis. We will add it your regular Publisher earnings for October.


  • Your blog must have at least 1000 monthly page views and have a clean design.
  • Your blog must be written in English.
  • Your blog is focused on one or more of the following topics (the more topics you match, the better chance the sponsor will approve your blog to participate):
    • New York City
    • Community
    • Healthcare
    • Cancer
    • Philanthropy
    • Non profit
    • Charity
    • Running
    • Marathons
    • Fitness

  • Your blog is often focused on the following location(s): New York City

Sounds Good! How do I Submit my blog for consideration?

  • Step 1: Login to your FBR account.
  • Step 2: Click on "Available Promotions" in the new "Promotions" tab on the sidebar. Look for the green box.
  • Step 3: Click on "Foodie Blogroll : Team Continuum - Team CAN Challenge" and follow instructions.
  • Please, do not respond to this email.

Timeline and Deadlines

If you would like to participate, please make sure your schedule fits with the timeline as follows:
  • Submit your blog ASAP
    You must submit your blog for consideration ASAP. See above.
    The sooner the better, there are limited spots available, so please hurry.
  • Publish your post for this promotion by October 15th.
    You must post about this promotion on your blog by October 15th.
We will give you more details if your blog is selected to participate.
Looking forward to your participation!
The Foodie Blogroll Team

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