Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Newton Fruit Thins

As a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher and a Tastemaker, I have the pleasure of testing some of the newest products as well as publish my own comments and feelings about the product.  There is no monetary award for this through Foodbuzz, Tastemaker nor the product manufacturer but the pleasure of tasting some of the newest products on the market make it worthwhile. 

This review is for Newton's Fruit Thins. They are wonderful!  I tried the Blueberry Brown Sugar and the Fig and Honey.  These are OH MY Good!  The cookie part is crispy yet the fruit is chewy.  The combination making them perfect.  The cookie sizes are large and only 140 calories for 3.  They are whole grain with REAL fruit.

Now, these are great with a glass of milk or even by themselves, but...think how great they would be with a little vanilla ice cream spread between two of them.
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