Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Tummy Soother - Peppermint

A little peppermint can help you digest food without drama.  It helps relax the muscles of your stomach.  A stronger form, peppermint oil capsules (choose enteric-coated ones), may even relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.  But be careful if you have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Mint relaxes the valve at the bottom of the esophagus, so acid could come back up and make problems worse.

Ease cold and flue symptoms.  Peppermint contains menthol, one of the very same ingredients in chest rubs.  Inhaling mint's vapors can help loosen your congestion and calm your cough by thinning mucus, which is why peppermint tea can feel extra soothing when you have a cold.

Boost alertness.  A whiff of peppermint can make you feel more alert and less fatigued, which is especially useful when you're driving.  Dr. Oz tip:  Slip some peppermint gum in your bag before you head out.

Cook smart.  Mint pairs nicely with citrus fruit, yogurt, and lamb.  It's also great with roasted zucchini, or in chilled cucumber soup.  If you don't like this herb in your main course, brew tea by simply pouring hot water directly over several sprigs of mint.

Another tip from the insert in Dr. Oz's The Good Life.
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