Thursday, July 7, 2016

Disease Fighters - Chives

Garlic and onions usually get all the credit in the family of plants believed to help prevent cancer but the chive is also packed with the compounds that may be effective.  Research suggests that one in particular called querctin could help inhibit certain tumor cells.  Men who ate the most from this plant family had lower rates of prostate cancer.

A compound in chives called allicin has been shown to lower the amount of bad cholesterol you produce, and to help keep your blood pressure low.  That could add up to lower risks of these prevalent heart and brain problems.

Chives also contain choline, a B vitamin that has been linked to better sleep, learning and memory and may ease depression.

Colonists brought chives to America for medicinal purposes.  Since then, chefs and home cooks have found plenty of other uses for them.  Kids who won't touch garlic or onions often will take to chives.  Use them to liven up your dips, salads, and omelets.

This information is from Dr. Oz's magazine The Good Life and I felt it a must to share.
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