Friday, July 8, 2016

The Brain Booster - Rosemary

Another helpful note from an insert found in Dr. Oz's 'The Good Life.'

Science has shown that the mere smell of the oil from rosemary may help improve your memory.  Try it for yourself.  Mix a drop of rosemary essential oil with the same amount of an oil such as coconut or olive.  Dab it on your wrist and sniff.  Did it work?

Make grilled foods healthier with rosemary.  Cooking meat at high temperatures creates cancer-causing compounds known as HCAs (heterocyclic animes).  But research has found that prepping meat in a marinade filled with rosemary can significantly reduce the formation of those nasty compounds.

Fight indigestion with rosemary-leaf capsules.  This is used in Europe to ease dyspepsia.  They're even approved for use there at doses of up to 4 to 6 grams by Germany's Commission E, a government agency that evaluates the medical evidence surrounding herbs.  And you should be able to find them in the US in the supplement aisle.

Cook smart with rosemary.  Savory dishes work well with this fragrant herb.  Think fresh tomato sauce, frittatas, and egg or tuna salad.  Another approach - puree fresh leaves with olive oil for a dipping sauce.

I think I'll pot plant some rosemary on my patio.  I've planted Rosemary in the yard and it's easy to grow.  Guess it's time to pull out a pot and grown some on my patio.

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