Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mouthwash Uses - Part 3

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Freshen Laundry

Ever noticed your clothes have a stale, musty odor after a trip through the washing machine? According to Clorox’s Mary Gagliardi aka Dr. Laundry, “After a few wash cycles, water that has not completely drained out of your machine can be left behind, resulting in an ideal location for creating bad (not-so-pleasant) odors.” 

Kill the germs for good by adding a cup of alcohol-based, sugar-free mouthwash to your next cycle. Make sure the mouthwash doesn’t contain any artificial colors to avoid staining your clothes. Not only will the mouthwash kill the germs in your clothes, says LifeHacker, but it will disinfect your washing machine and get rid of the stale, musty odor from sitting water.

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