Monday, October 19, 2015

Mouthwash Uses - Part 1

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LISTERINE® was first developed in 1879 by Dr. Joseph Lawrence as an antiseptic for use in surgical procedures. It was then marketed to pharmacies for oral care after studies found that it killed mouth bacteria, but the antiseptic does more than that! Make sure to buy the mouthwash with alcohol to get the most out of these alternative uses ...

Get Rid of Dandruff

This home remedy is specific to dandruff caused by an overgrowth of the yeast-like fungus, malassezia, which lives on the scalp of most adults. When there's too much, it can irritate the scalp and cause excess skin cells to grow. Most mouthwashes contain the antifungal chemical eucalyptol, which prevents malassezia from growing. According to LifeHacker, keep the flakes away with one part mouthwash, one part witch hazel, and 8 parts water. Spritz the mix on your roots and scalp after washing your hair. 

Note: Do not try this if there are any open cuts or scratches on your scalp. 

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