Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Didn't Know That - Grilling Vegetables

As well as chicken, fish and seafood on the grill I also like vegetables but haven't taken the time to try grilling them myself.  That is about to change now that I know how simple it can be.

1.  Be careful not to overcook vegetables when grilling, watch them closely.  (This, I assume, is something that will take some time getting used to.  I know that most vegetables I've eaten that were cooked on the grill still have a 'nip' to them so this, I feel sure, will come with practice.)

2.  The simplest way to grill vegetables is to brush them with oil, then rub them with minced garlic and fresh herbs.  Cook vegetables over direct heat alongside meat, poultry, or fish on an oiled grill.  (This sounds like another good use for the basket grill like the one you cook fish in.  I've also run across some throw away pans that have holes in the bottom.  They would be perfect for grilling vegetables but I think I would spray them with non-stick 1st so the vegetables can be turned easily while cooking.)

3.  If you want to add vegetables with meat, poultry or fish onto skewers, select vegetables that will cook in about the same amount of time.  For example, shrimp cooks very quickly, so the best choices would be cherry tomatoes, green onions, or mushrooms which also cook quickly.  Any meat that takes longer to cook goes well with vegetables like bell peppers, onions or zucchini.   (This, of course makes sense but for a beginner like myself I think I'll start with cooking my vegetables by themselves until I actually learn how long each seems to take and how thick it should be before I pair it with a meat/seafood.)

Now that I know a little more about grilling I can't wait to crank up the grill.  Spring is here and so are my taste buds.

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