Saturday, February 15, 2014

8 Plants That Are Poisonous to Cats and Dogs - Part 1 Sago Palm

I know this doesn't pertain to cooking but it does pertain to the dangers of what our pets might eat and the health problems that can occur.  If you're an animal lover, like me, you might just find this information helpful.  I'll be posting this in 8 parts with hopes that it will be easier to consume.
This was sent to me by my veterinarian and since I love plants, inside and out, this is something that I plan on keeping handy for the health of my Jesse. 
These are the 8 plants that are poisonous to cats and dogs.
Many common plants, both in the house and the yard, can be toxic to our pets, including some that can still be found even in the winter, either because they are being brought in from outside or because they are popular in holiday displays or decorations.  some toxic plants only cause mild stomach upset, while others can be poisonous.  To make things even more confusing, some plants are safe for some species while deadly for others.  As a pet owner, it is important that you be familiar with the most dangerous of the toxic plants.

Sago Palms

Sago palms (Cycas and Macrozamia spp.) can be found as outdoor ornamental plants in warm climates or as houseplants in cooler climates.  Ingestion of sago palm plants can cause liver failure and death in dogs and cats.  All parts of the plant are toxic, with the seeds having the highest concentration of toxin.  One seed can kill a dog.  Vomiting usually begins within 24 hours, and the animal becomes depressed and may start having seizures.  This plant is one of the most toxic, with a mortality rate of around 30%.
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