Friday, November 8, 2013


I found this in a vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook and decided to share.

These are some of the most popular dried varieties of pasta:

Acini De Pepe (or Dot Shape):  Peppercorn-size pieces of cut spaghetti.
Capellini  (or Angel Hair):  The thinnest of the long spaghettis.
Conchigle:  Medium to small shapes with or without groves
Couscous:  The tiniest form of pasta made from granular semolina.
Egg Noodles:  Flat or curly, short pasta strips usually made with eggs or egg yolks.
Elbow Macaroni:  Short, curved, tubular-shaped pasta.
Farfalle (or Bow-Ties):  Shaped like bow-ties.  Miniature bow-ties are known as tripolini.
Fettuccine:  Long, flat noodles, usually 1/4 inch wide.
Fusilli:  Long or short spring-shaped pasta.
Japanese Curly Noodles:  Wavy, thin, long noodles in thin "bricks."
Lasagna:  Flat noodle about 2" wide with either ruffled or straight edges.
Linguine:  Long, flat, thin noodle usually 1/8" wide.
Manicotti (or Cannelloni):  Large 4" hollow pasta tubes that are usually stuffed and baked.
Novelty Shapes:  Seasonal or other pasta shapes, such as trees, rabbits, hearts, etc. sometimes flavored
Penne:  Narrow, short, diagonal-cut pasta about 1 1/4" long, smooth or with groves.
Ramen:  Quick-cooking, deep-fried noodles used dry or cooked.
Ravioli:  Filled pillow-shaped pasta usually stuffed with cheese or spinach.
Rice Noodles:  Translucent, thin strands made from rice flour and water.
Rigatoni:  Short-cut, wide tubular pasta about 1" long with groves.
Rosamarina (or Orzo):  Resembles rice but is slightly larger and longer.
Rotini:  Short-cut corkscrew-shaped pasta.  Wider version is called rotelle.
Spaghetti:  Long, thin, solid strands.
Tortellini:  Filled, slightly irregularly shaped little rings.
Wagon Wheels:  Small, round pasta resembling a wheel with spokes.
Ziti:  Short-cut 2" tubular noodle with smooth surface.

You can refrigerate or freeze leftover pasta for a future meal.  Store in tightly sealed containers or plastic bags in the refrigerator up to five days, or freeze up to two months.  To reheat pasta, choose one of these three quick and easy methods:
* Place pasta in rapidly boiling water for up to 2 minutes.  Drain and serve immediately.
* Place pasta in colander and pour boiling water over it until heated through.  Drain and serve immediately.
*  Place pasta in microwavable dish or container.  Cover and microwave on High for 1-3 minutes per 2 cups or until heated through.  Serve immediately.
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