Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cabbage Cauliflower Slaw

Most of us have a favorite recipe for slaw that we simply love.  I love mine so much that whenever I eat slaw at someone's home, at a restaurant, or any other place, I compare it to mine.  It is simple... cabbage, green onion, carrots now and then but just a little, equal amounts of sugar and vinegar and just enough mayo to coat.  Well, I decided to add something.  I had some leftover cauliflower from the soup I made a few days ago so I decided to chop some of it up and try it in my slaw.  I ended up with equal amounts of cabbage and cauliflower so I could make sure the taste of both came through.  This was delicious!  So if you like cauliflower, give this one a try.
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