Friday, October 4, 2013

Herb Garden Part 2

No, what herbs do I really want to grow.  Here is a list.

Basil is simple to grown from seeds but it needs bright light and warm temperatures. 

Chives are a member of the onion family is best used fresh.  It likes bright light and cool temperatures. 

Dill can get really tall, up to 4 feet! So the dwarf variety is best for indoors.  This is also one that has to be planted frequently.  It is one that doesn't grow back after harvesting.

Lemon balm is easy to grow from seeds and has a fresh fragrance that is used in salads and drinks.

Oregano, one of my favorite has a sharp pungent flavor and can also be grown from seeds if you want.

Rosemary doesn't grow well from seeds.  It's better to grow from cuttings or buy the full plant.  This soil also needs to be well drained but not allowed to dry out completely.  It is also one that can get very large if not harvested.

Thyme, another of my favorites comes in many varieties.  They can be grown from seeds or plants but the plants need to be kept moist until they are flourishing.

There are many other herbs that you can grow inside so if you don't find your favorite along with my favorites, look them up or talk to someone at your garden center to make sure you choose the correct one for your location. 

Also, you can find places on line such as the one I found called PH Windowsill Herb Garden Kits which supply you everything.
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