Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rice - Did you know?


Rice is the most widely eaten grain in American and has been the culinary foundation for many of the world's oldest cultures.  Rice was first grown in the American Colonies in the late seventeenth century.  The two main classifications of rice is white and brown.  White rice is less nutritious, as much of the brand, fiber, nutrients and the rice gems have been removed.  White rice is quicker to prepare and has a rather bland flavor.  Brown rice on the other hand has a nutty, rich flavor and requires longer cooking time.  Brown rice retains most of its nutritional values, which include a limited amount of protein, but the protein quality is excellent because of the high levels of amino acids.  Rice is loaded with carbohydrates and includes nutrients, such as B Vitamins, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. 

An easy way to enhance the flavor and excitement of rice is to cook it in an assortment of liquids, such as stocks, juices, or with wine.  another easy flavor enhancer is to use different spices and herbs.  You can also add cut up fruits or vegetables, like carrots, celery, apples or pears to rice as it cooks.  You can even add slivered nuts, dried fruit or chilis for an easy yet delicious option.
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