Thursday, September 15, 2011

Help for PMS

OK ladies.  Maybe there is help out there for our “moods” caused by PMS.  Hopefully this will help us all.
Investigators believe that vitamins B1 and B2 may somehow increase two brain neurotransmitters – serotonin and dopamine.  And a lack of these two neurotransmitters may play a role in PMS symptoms.  The researchers saw a reduction in the risk of symptoms only from eating B1 and B2 rich foods so popping a supplement apparently won’t help.  Women who reduced their risk of PMS by 25-35% consumed twice the current recommended dietary allowance for these two nutrients.  So, what foods give you the most B1 and B2 in your diet?
Black beans, pinto beans, navy beans, lentils, and peas all contain ample supplies of vitamin B1.  One cup of black beans supplies 28% of the RDA for B1.
A cup of spinach supplies 15% of the RDA for vitamin B1 and 25% of the RDA for vitamin B2.
A serving of yogurt supplies 32% of the RDA for vitamin B2.  It’s also loaded with calcium and vitamin D, two more nutrients thought to diminish PMS.
A serving of tuna supplies 38% of the RDA of vitamin B1.
So, there we have it.  Hopefully help at last.  And for you men that read my posts, you might want to pass this on to the women in your life.

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