Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cheese Crust Pizza Bites

While making my sausage balls using my small muffin tins I found myself short in filling up the full 24 tins so I decided to make what I'm calling my Cheese Crust Pizza Bites.  I simply filled each empty tin with shredded cheese and topped it with a slice of pepperoni allowing it to bake along with my sausage balls.  (375 degrees for 12-14 minutes).  They came out perfect and make yet another game day snack.  You can serve them as is along with salsa, pizza sauce and even sour cream.  Change the flavors by using cooked chicken, sausage, bacon, ground beef or go veggie by using mushrooms, onions and/or peppers.  You can change the flavor too by changing the cheese.  Use Italian blends, Mexican blends, or keep it straight with cheddars, etc.  These little treats are really good, easy to make and have many variations.

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