Sunday, January 22, 2017

Carrots - Part 3

Carrots and Weight Loss

The "problem" with carrots is that they are easy to overeat.  Of course, if you're going to overeat any food, carrots are probably one of the better options.

But if you are trying to lose weight, learning to eat every food in moderation is important. And if you overeat carrots and dip, then you could easily consume a day's worth of calories in a single sitting.
If you snack on carrots, try to avoid dipping them into a high calorie spread. The calories in onion dip, for example, could be higher than the calories in an entire meal if you don’t watch how much you eat. Remember that even healthy snacks can be bad for your diet when you add sauces, dips and condiments.

If you're trying to lose weight by cutting carbs, you might skip carrots because they are higher in sugar than other snack veggies. But if you compare the 4 grams of sugar in carrots to a fruit snack like a banana, an orange or an apple, which each contain 20-30 grams of sugar, then the carrots don’t look so bad. If you’re worried about the sugar in carrots, mix your vegetable snack bag with other crunchy snacks like celery or broccoli. That way you get to indulge in a crunchy treat without derailing your diet.

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