Sunday, August 16, 2015

Keeping Kitchen Staples Fresher Longer: - Part 2

Olive Oil 

Shelf Life - unopened 1 year; opened 3 months

Do check the harvest date printed on the label and high-end oils to ensure the freshest bottle possible (some labels cite an expiration date, which producers typically calculate as 18 months from harvesting, but unopened olive oil can go rancid 1 year after the harvest date.

Do move olive oil from the countertop or windowsill to a dark pantry or cupboard.  Strong sunlight will oxidize the chlorophyll in the oil, producing stale, harsh flavors.

Don't buy olive oil in bulk.  Once opened, it has a very short shelf life.
Checking for freshness - heat a little olive oil in a skillet.  If it smells rancid, throw out the bottle.  This test works for all vegetable oils.

Other Oils

For optimal flavor, replace these oils 6 months after opening:

Store in the pantry:

Store in the fridge:
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