Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Didn't Know That - Salads

I use a lettuce keeper but always find that most heads of lettuce won't fit unless I remove the core.  I used to cut out the core with a knife but cutting lettuce make it 'bleed' and turn brown.  Then someone told me the trick to removing the core without using the knife.  You simply hit the core end once against the counter top sharply.  The core will then twist right out.  No more brown spots.

A lot of times when I make a salad the greens at the bottom of the bowl seem to get soggy.  I know this is due to my not letting my washed greens dry but it seems like I'm always in a hurry and want to get the salad underway.  Here is a trick that takes care of this little problem.  I turn a saucer upside down in the bottom of my salad bowl.  The excess liquid drains off ad runs under the saucer leaving my salad fresh and crisp.

Did you know that wen you store your lettuce it won't 'rust' as quickly if you line the bottom of the vegetable compartment with paper towel?  The paper absorbs the excess moisture and helps keep all of your veggies and fruits fresher for a longer period of time.  You can also do this using sponges instead of paper towels.

Now for your dressings.  If you use the dry envelopes of your favorite salad-dressing mix instead of bottled, you know that you're supposed to wait a while after making for the flavors to come out.  I have  trick for you.  Add a tablespoon of boiling water to the packet, mix, cover and let cool.  The flavor is released immediately.  Then add the remaining ingredients and you have fresh salad dressing without the wait.

If you like oil and vinegar dressings try this.  Combine all ingredients in a screw top jar.  Add 1 ice cube and shake.  Discard the ice cube and your dressing will come out extra smooth and very well mixed.
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